About me

Who am I?

Hi, I am Igor, I am Italian and 22 years old (yes, it is changing dynamically, you can check it on 2nd February😉). I love IT world, so I decided to become a freelancer, after more than 3 years as an employee.

What are my previous work experiences?

I worked in 3 different areas of IT, I have worked in IT security for a few months, but it was shift work, also on weekends and it was not compatible with my other activities.

Then, I worked as a web developer, but I did not like the environment of the company where I was. I developed on web apps using Angular JS and Ionic, following directly entirely projects by myself.

The last job I did as an employee was the IT consultant, so I worked on hardware and virtual environments in companies. From virtual machines to network and security. And I learnt how to behave in companies as customers.

Why did I decide to become a freelancer?

I have an affiliate marketing web business (BestOnDesk), I had to open a VAT account to manage entrances and exits. So I decided to become a freelancer also for web development and social media management.

I decided it on my previous and actual projects I'm managing. My goal is to live with entrances from my businesses, but I love coding, so I want also to continue to develop my passion.

Where did I learn to code?

I learnt basics in high school, I have spent 5 years, oriented to "IT and telecommunications", where I achieved advanced skills on some object-oriented programming languages like Java and C++. But also on web development like HTML, CSS, etc..

I also studied at home, and I did some projects by myself or with friends, such as mobile games on Unity 3D.

After school I decided not go to university, for various reasons, mainly because in the first period I would have studied things that I already knew or I did not like.

I continued to study at home, I love web developing and I'm always studying new programming languages and frameworks.

Where did I learn things about Social Media?

I learnt it "on the job" and on web articles and blogs. I now manage different social accounts (like Racing Line Motorsport, BestOnDesk, Igor Zanella #16) with good results.

I like to work on socials because they offer a possibility to make you known throughout the world.

What are my other passions?

As you can see on my projects I love adrenaline sports, Motorsports in particular. In my spare time I train in martial arts (MMA and BJJ), I go snowboarding, Enduro mountain biking, Karting.

Follow me on my social if you are interested in these things!

Let's talk!

We can talk on the chat you can find in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. Or you can contact me by mail at hello@igorzanella.dev. I'm waiting for you!

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