What is BestOnDesk?

BestOnDesk is a business I started a friend of mine, Marco Campagnolo.
We wanted to create a website for all the people which work in the offices, to help them with articles on personal growth. The website is also for companies advices.
For now the website has only the Italian language, but we aim to expand in the whole world.

Where do we earn?

The business core is the affiliations, we create articles where we advice products (on Amazon or other Marketplaces), if the people buy these articles we earn a percentage of the order.
Below there is an example of an article.

What did I do?

I created the website on Wordpress CMS using a prepackaged theme (I did not have so much time because I was working as employee).
The website is hosted on Amazon Web Services EC2 server, with OpenLiteSpeed web server. I used CloudFlare CDN.
I planned to transform the frontend to headless CMS, so I will recreate the new frontend using a JS framework like React or Svelte.

Ads and social networks

I manage the Google Ads profile and social netowrks. I plan Ads and social posts on a daily base, to get more people on website.

Future goals

Obviously the main goal is to raise the earning from affiliations, to get more from this business.
Another goal is to become a reference point for employees and companies for growth advices.

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