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Welcome to my website!

Welcome to my website. I developed this website to use it as a portfolio and a tracker for my work activity.

Simple static website

This is a static website based on Sapper, a framework powered by Svelte, which is a framework of JavaScript.
The project you can see on GitHub is then exported to be hosted.

CSS part

The CSS is based on Tailwind CSS, a UI Toolkit, low-level CSS framework, it is different from usual CSS frameworks because it do not has a default theme and themed components.
It provides low-level utility classes that let you build completely custom designs, without working on CSS (or so).
It uses PostCSS which is a tool with different plugins, which let you create fast CSS files, purging (in my case) all the CSS classes i did not use on the website, to create light CSS files.
Below you can see an example of an HTML title styled using Tailwind classes.

<h1 class="text-gray-800 text-2xl font-serif hover:underline md:text-6xl">Title</h1>


For animations I used Svelte default libraries and animate.css, a good library with pre-made CSS animations.

Free Code

I published the code of this website on my GitHub, to show you my skills. You can find it above.

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