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What is Igor Zanella #16?

This is my project on social networks for my sim racing "career".
I have different social accounts where I post photos and videos about my races, championships and training.

What is Sim Racing?

Sim Racing is the term which indicates the auto racing simulation software, hardware and organizations. It has been around for a lot of time, but recently is growing exponentially.

What am I doing?

I am training everyday to prepare online races and championships. During this I stream all the races on Twitch (also for endurances, like real 8h/12h/24h), and I do some tutorials, recaps and other things on Youtube.
On Instagram, instead, I am offering news for my followers, for new races I am partecipating in.

What do I have achieved so far?

I already met real racing world. For example I competed in 12h of Suzuka with David Fumanelli, a real PRO racing driver, which drove different racing car like Formula Renault, Formula 3 / GP3 and also in GT World Cup.

I also helped Matteo Cairoli on simulators with software, setups and races. He is (today) an official Porsche Driver, he took part and also won different championships. For example, he competed (as of today) in Porsche Supercup, World Endurance Championship, GT World Cup, 24h Le Mans, 24h Nurburging and much more.

Last but not least, Fabrizio Crestani, he is actually helping us with our sim racing team with setups, driving coaching and much more. He competed in Formula 3, GP2, GT World Cup, and (as today) he is racing in International GT Open.

Future goals

My goal with this project is to reach real racing world. I am creating a presence on social networks to offer it to future sponsors.

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